Hi 👋 I am Nan.

I’m a London based growth marketer and AI automator (yes, we’re making that a word 😊), blending over a decade of startup experience into practical AI automated systems.There are many AI ‘gurus’ out there who can whip up AI prompts. But few who can craft full-scale workflows that deliver immediate, tangible results for businesses.I have done the prompts AND I have built complete AI-powered workflows.
Like this AI LinkedIn Ghostwriter that captures your unique voice.
Or this GPT- 4 Vision content idea generation system.
Or this e-commerce automation system for creating product copy & design.
But I don’t claim to be an expert.
I'm just someone who is deeply fascinated by AI’s impact on business, constantly experimenting with AI tools to explore their
real-world applications.
For many, AI and automation can feel like exclusive clubs – all hype,
no real access.
I want to change that by making AI-automated workflows straightforward and usable for any business, even the ones without a tech team.

Got an interesting project in mind? I'd love to chat.

How to create a LinkedIn AI Ghostwriter that Sounds JUST Like You | Full Tutorial

Watch how to create an AI ghostwriter for your LinkedIn that has your unique voice. If you are looking to build a personal brand on LinkedIn, this is for you.

How I Generate Content Ideas in ONE CLICK with GPT-4 VISION & Make

In this video, I cover how to generate an endless stream of content ideas by getting GPT-4 Vision to analyse images of popular/viral social media content and automating the entire process using Make.

How AI can create Product Copy and Design for Your Website & Social Media

I show you how to use AI to create product descriptions for your e-commerce website and automate social media captions and images using Make, Airtable and Open AI.

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